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Escape Room Online for Cold Winter Nights

As winter draws near, the desire to venture out beyond the warmth of our living room gets smaller and smaller but then, the need to get our minds active, enjoy ourselves (and occupy the kids!) becomes a frantic struggle! Too cold to play outside, dark too early to enjoy a day trip - the options seem to become less and less. Online escape rooms could be a perfect way for you, friends and family to enjoy the suspense filled, adrenaline boosting thrill of an in-person escape room, all from the comfort of your living room.

Online escape rooms such as those at E-Scape Rooms are a fun, at home activity to enjoy during these long, cold winter days. At an affordable price, you can challenge your team mate, in person or virtually, to join you in a virtually locked room solving puzzles, clues and riddles to escape. Why don’t you hang up your winter coat for the night and instead, be transported to worlds you could only dream of and take on enemies beyond your wildest dreams all while snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate.

To play, simply purchase a game online. No need to set a time or date why buying - once purchased the game can be played whenever you and your teammates are ready.

At E-Scape Rooms, we currently offer two types of online escape rooms: print and cut games and online escape rooms.

With print and cut games, you will be emailed a copy of the puzzle booklet- this will hold all the key and clues to help you escape! No printer? No problem? We can also ship pre-printed versions to anywhere within the UK. These games are brilliant to play via zoom too, simply email your friends the game link, ask them to print off their own puzzle booklet and play together!

Print and Cut games work wonderfully over zoom and will test your team work, problem solving and intuition to the max! Some examples of our current print and cut games are: TrainingOperation E.G.G., mechanics of the heart and Stolen IQ , all of which take an hour and a half at least to complete. We also have bundles which are a collection of a few games that we think work perfectly together! These bundles are an amazing way to liven up a Christmas party, family gathering or a normal winter night.

Online escape rooms work slightly differently. Currently we offer three online escape rooms: The Alp, Detention and The Sword of Drakul. All three of these games offer a unique challenging experience for anyone who wants the electrifying escape room from the comfort of their front room. Our games range in difficulty and age recommendations, with ‘Detention’ and ‘The Sword of Drakul’ being recommended from the ages of 8 and up. All three of these games can be played on multiple devices, with an estimated hour to two hours of gameplay. All of these games have a sixty minute timer built in; however, you can carry on playing for up to four days after starting the game.

Online games have hit peak popularity lately with the genre escape room online leading the way. The chance to connect with player from all over makes team bonding, family time or a friendly get-together easily accessible, even if you’re miles apart.

Our customers seem to agree: One escape roomer says ‘Very clever puzzles that were challenging but so rewarding to work through. The game flowed smoothly and the puzzles and clues linked together very well.’ and another played with her young family ‘The game was very tricky but as a team (2 adults, a 12 year old and a 14 year old) we got there in the end’.

E-Scape Rooms has so many challenging and exciting virtual escape rooms for you to try this winter, there is a fit for everyone from escape room beginners to connoisseurs. Why don't you give us a go this winter and try your hand at some of the most immersive, demanding and all in all brilliant online escape rooms around.


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